Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hindus Bear the Brunt of Islamic Communalism in Dhanbad

Kendua Bazaar under Kenduadih police station, about 7 km from the district headquarters in the city (Dhanbad, Jharkhand) on 17th November, 2010. The episode was initiated from the misconduct of a Muslim youngster ended into a violent clash fuelled by Islamists injuring multiple Hindus and destroying Hindu homes and businesses.

Trouble started around 10pm on 17th December 2010 when a Muslim youth participating in the Muharram procession verbally assaulted a Hindu girl, relative of an influential political leader in the neighborhood. In retaliation, the Muslim youth was roughened up by the local residents. Muslims started arriving on scene and the police and administration succeeded in reining in the increasingly worsening situation in time, but the Muslims refused to forget the 'insult' so quickly.

As per eye witnesses, the situation attained the height of tension at 9 am on the following day of 18th December 2010, when over three dozen Muslims, armed with powerful weapons lashed out at Hindu shopkeepers at Kendua. Members of the Hindu community were forced to retaliate and the scenario was left to deteriorate only more. The panicked Hindu shopkeepers had one option left only and it was to shut down shops and return to their own houses. Educational institutions refused to take any more chances and students of both government and private schools at Karkend and Kendua were sent back home swiftly.

Police had the taste of the extent of the violent clash when Lakshman Ram, Officer-in-Charge of Kenduadih police station, was injured. Three Hindu owned houses were damaged to a large extent along with a few parked two-wheelers. A few crude bombs were detonated and fired in the air by the Muslims, making people more tensed. The hearsay of communal clash spread like wildfire in the vicinity and more people from residential localities close at hand joined hands on both sides.

The grievous situation came under control with the arrival of senior police and administrative officials. Sunil Kumar Burnwal, Deputy Commissioner, Suman Gupta, Superintendent of Police, Sanjay Ranjan Singh, DSP, Balmiki Prasad Singh, Additional District Magistrate and George Kumar, Sub-Divisional Officer. Large forces of policemen were witnessed to attach to their seniors and carry out a flag march in the Kendua Bazaar area to dispel rising fears along with rumors among the populace.

However, one thing gets clear. Criminal members of the Muslim community remain scot free in the Indian terrain. There was no information of bringing the Muslim miscreant to book till the writing of this report.