Sunday, April 10, 2011

TMC says NO to Saffron Babus

To be precise, there is no requirement of any special quality or trait for any person to get nomination in the Indian elections. Any person above 18 years and close to the party leadership (or even neutral) can get the coveted recommendation and act accordingly. Nevertheless, at the same instant, any person already framed by the judiciary is disallowed to become candidate even if such instances are becoming exceptions increasingly.

However, TMC (Trinamool Congress) is devoid of all these with regard to the upcoming assembly election in West Bengal. It has already made an alliance with Congress and a few smaller parties to oust reigning Left Front Government and has fielded candidates in the majority of constituencies.

Whether the selection has been good and effective is an intra-party decision but TMC has been attentive enough to expunge a few candidates, having high esteem and professional excellence, with saffron links. One of these is Shantilal Jain, former proposed candidate in the Jorasanko constituency, but deposed due to the nomination of Smt. Smita Bakshi. The fate of Col. Sabyasachi Bagchi, Rahul Chakraborty and others, known for severing connections with Saffron Brigade and joining TMC recently, is no different. Hence, whether they would remain middle-of-the-road is a big question of the day.

But TMC has not penalized Idris Ali for his past deeds and has picked him out for the Jalangi constituency. Idris Ali, in short, was responsible for the mayhem taking place in Kolkata resulting from the demand of ouster of Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi authoress known for exposing Islamic brutality on Hindu minorities in her nation. On November 22, 2007, the violent crowd demanded that Bangladeshi authoress Taslima Nasreen’s visa be revoked and she be thrown out of the country. To rein in the situation Left Front government had to call in the Army.

Sultan Ahmed (already an MP) has also got blessings of TMC supremo at times. Iqbal Ahmed (projected candidate of TMC in the Arambag constituency at this time), his able (?) brother, has also good influences over the party top brass. To be sure, whenever Pakistan teams visit Kolkata they never forget to visit Sultan & Iqbal Ahmeds residence (located in the narrow and jam-packed Rippon Street) for dinner. Amiruddin, close aide of Iqbal Ahmed and also councilor, can’t also be forgotten. He is highly notorious in the vicinity for having illegal connections.

Each of the said persons played important roles in the havoc of November 22, 2007 and it is needless to say all have ISI & SIMI links. Is TMC also bagging lots from the same connections?

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