Thursday, January 5, 2012

Will PFI’s “School Chalo” campaign turn into a hate campaign?

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

This is not any stray quotation to call attention to anything that has become prime abruptly but denotes none better than Hindus – proud adherents of Hinduism and known to go on making mistakes at every juncture of history and refuse to rectify or learn from those humongous faults. And all these are said of the 'School Chalo' campaign launched in the Indian state of Bengal under the aegis of Popular Front of India or PFI. The campaign has been introduced to guarantee maximum school enrolments among the poorest Muslim students in Muslim-dominated areas in the state and has already been termed by a section of Hindus as a new dawn in the Muslim society. Hindus have never been malicious against others and will never be but if the past experiences are considered, apprehensions that said measures may give a fillip to Islamic separatism are not unfounded.

PFI, confederacy of several Muslim organizations, has always been in news for all wrong reasons. One of its major constituents National Development Front (NDF), termed also as unusually aggressive and firm believer in Islamic extremism, has proudly asserted to stand by dawa (missionary work) to spread Islam among other communities insistently. Even V S Achuthanandan, Chief Minister of Kerala, accused PFI in 2010 to aim to convert the state to a Muslim majority one in next 20 years.    

West Bengal state committee of PFI has launched 8 Sarva Siksha Villages under its multi sector program. The program was formally inaugurated on December 31, 2011 in village Mahaldarpara, containing Muslim population of about 70%, P.S. Raghunathganj, District:  Murshidabad, by Mr. OMA Salam, Community Development-in-Charge and Central Committee Member of PFI. A Free Tuition Centre has also been established at Abilpur Village as a part of the social development program. As per the state leadership of PFI, these approaches would play major roles to better the Muslim community in Bengal and as per information, more such initiatives would be adopted in other areas of the state too. 

Hindus do welcome approaches to better society and help poor people, "Durjanah sajjano bhooyat sajjanah saantimaapnuyaat | Saanto muchyeta bandhebhyo muktachaanyaan vimochyayet || - "May the wicked become good; may the good obtain peace; May the peaceful be released from bonds; may the freed set the others free!”

But in almost all cases such initiative gets wrong, becomes ideal votary of separatism only leading to emergence of Islamic fundamentalism and a bane for Hindus altogether.

History does corroborate that the Pakistan movement, set to better Muslim state of affairs in undivided India specifically, turned out to be the greatest curse for Hindus known hitherto. Will this be the same or worse than it?  

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