Monday, May 28, 2012

Time for Bangladeshi Hindus to be animate or dumped for eternity

Can India call the shots?

The wretched lot of Hindus in Bangladesh (going on and on ever since 1947) does not shock anyone any longer; it has become a daily affair (almost ) depicting Hindus, if they opt for to inhabit Bangladesh, would have to endure such Islamic atrocities. At this juncture, when an atmosphere of gloominess do prevail all the way, efforts of a few Indians, however minuscule those are, to call this grave violation of human rights a halt draw our admiration.    

And indeed as part of a spectacular development, CPIM, known for its every harangue against Hindus (for decades), has come forward and asked the current ruling clique at New Delhi to amend the Citizenship Act to render citizenship to masses of refugees from Bangladesh, both prior to and following its formation. Prakash Karat, general secretary of CPIM, in the letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been learnt to refer to "the citizenship problems of the large number of refugees from erstwhile East Bengal and then even after the formation of Bangladesh who had to flee their country in particular historic circumstances over which they had no control". It has also been learnt that the consensus in Parliament in this regard during NDA regime has also been mentioned in the letter.

Karat, in his letter, has quoted Singh's speech in Parliament, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha then, when NDA government had brought the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2003. 

"With regard to the treatment of refugees after the Partition of our country, the minorities in countries like Bangladesh, have faced persecution and it is our moral obligation that, if circumstances force people, these unfortunate people, to seek refuge in our country, approach to granting citizenship to these unfortunate persons should be more liberal", Singh was quoted as saying by Karat. He has also made it in public through quoting then Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani as saying "what the Leader of Opposition has said, I am fully in agreement with the views expressed." 

Without a doubt, the vigorous campaign for Aadhar ID cards has been admonishing Bangladeshi Hindu refugees living in various parts of Bengal. They are being "excluded and considered illegal migrants facing the constant threat of deportation". 

It’s good to see all these. But will this approach have an untimely death or undergo a governmental ignorance citing strenuous India-Bangladesh relations or disagreement over Teesta? None knows twists of Indian government!

Nonetheless, CPIM is not a paragon in any way; it is indicted to invite illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants in Bengal for decades to strengthen its own command and as per painstaking studies, such allegations are not unfounded. And finding its base among proletariats wearing away steadily, perhaps it is moving to form an ethnic basis

Whatever may be CPIM’s maneuver, what we want to know is India’s standpoint at the moment. As in its absence Hindus in Bangladesh (as found from the following report) are becoming worst casualties.

Amendment of Citizenship Act and providing citizenship to Bangladeshi Hindus in India is no solution; any such act would make Bangladesh free of Hindus before long. And Bengal has been a traditional mainstay of Hinduism; to reject apart of it or end it will be the greatest crime against Hinduism.

India has to make Bangladesh agree to compensate losses of Bengali Hindu refugees, accept their free and legitimate access to Bangladesh and stamp down any approach towards Hindu persecution by Islamists.

Hindus in India have to make Indian government call a spade a spade and not to waffle or retain its namby-pamby stances while talking with Bangladesh. A failed country (in every capacity – ever since its formation in 1971) can’t be allowed to go on dictating its own terms only.

Incidents of Hindu persecution in Bangladesh (only in last two months) are in the following lines.

§  On February 11, 2012, in the morning, at village: Sanka, Sub-district: Birgunj, District: Dinajpur, police recovered the dead body of Mantu Soren (Hindu Adivasi) while hanging in a eucalyptus tree. A few Islamist ruffians did kidnap and strangulate him; later the corpse was fasten to the tree.
§  On February 16, 2012, Salim, infamous Islamist felon, and his wife Ferdousi Begum, inhabitants of village: Uttar Kakchira, Sub-district: Bamna, Distirct: Barguna, were witnessed to devise heinous conspiracies to uproot Pulin Das, Hindu native of the same village, from his own land. Local Hindus and Muslims staged demonstrations against this incident.
§  110 families of Hindu Tripuri Adviasi community, inhabiting Choto Kumira area, Sub-district: Sitakunda, District: Chittagong by inheritance, are living in abject fear of getting evicted from their own lands soon.  And in this regard, The Chittagong Agricultural of Zahir Mian Chowdhury has been playing the leading role; it has closed both the road and religious rituals of Hindus. What is more, 25, 000 taka is being collected from each family as Jiziya tax. If anyone fails to do the same, he/she is tortured grievously in specially-made torture chambers. Hindu families have been instructed to vacate their own lands within the coming three months.
§  On February 12, 2012, at 10 pm, Hindu inhabitants of 98, KB Das Lane, Dacca, P.S. Sutrapur, Mrs. Gauri Ghosh (age 32) and her brother-in-law Mr. Suman Ghosh (age 30), were shot (severely) by a few Islamist outlaws. It has been learnt (from secret sources), the Ghosh family has been withstanding immense pressure (for more than a decade) to sell off their lands and move to India.  
§  On February 12, 2012, at dead night, a Hindu youth named Ujjwal Kumar Dey (age 35) was strangulated by Islamist criminals at Ajampur, Dacca.
§  On February 12, 2012, Mrs. Laxmi Rani Das (age 22), residing at Daspara, Kuliachar Corporation City, District: Kishoregunj, was raped by Islamist criminals, taking advantage of her husband’s absence. The Hindu housewife committed suicide later on.  
§  On February 13, 2012, at dead night, Mrs. Laxmi Rani Chandra (age 55), Hindu women living in Nayabari area of Kaligunj Corporation, District: Gazipur (Joydevpur), was butchered by Islamic felons.
§  On February 13, at 1.30 am, Hindu college student Ms. Pallabi rani Biswas (age 18), niece of Mr. Dilip Kumar Biswas, resident of village: Patiabera, Sub-district: Ullahpara, District: Sirajgunj, was brutally murdered. Mohammed Al Amin (age 19) and Mohammed Ashique (age 30), notorious Islamist criminals in the vicinity, kidnapped, raped and killed innocent Pallavi. A case (No. 19/14/02/2012)has been lodged under Sections – 364, 302, 201 and 34 in this regard. (Source: Bangladesh Minority Watch).
§  On December 20, 2011, at 8 pm, Ms. Lucky Mohanta (age 14), student of Class VIII and daughter of Mr. Ajit Mohanta, resident of village: Bedgram, Sub-district: Headquarters of District: Gopalgunj, was kidnapped by Islamist criminals. Even if a report has been lodged against Mohammed Rana Mullah, Mohammed Rajiv Mullah, Mohammed Tareq Mullah and Fatu Begum in the local police station, police has failed to recover the girl yet. (Source: Bangladesh Minority Watch)
§   On February 22, 2012, an innocent Hindu housewife was seized from the road by a police officer of the local police station and owing to his heinous tortures, the housewife (pregnant for the last 8 months) delivered a child. The incident created uproar in the local area; police officer, Abdul Kuddus, had to flee to avoid public lynching.  The Hindu lady happens to be the wife of Mr. Palash Haoladar, member of Army of Bangladesh, residing in village: Betmore, Sub-division: Mathbaria, District: Pirozepur.
§  District Police of Khulna, devoid of any plan for rehabilitation, has started to strive to wipe out the sweeper colony (of 150 years old) of Khulna metropolis. By now, 20 houses of Hindu sweepers (through using bulldozer) have been stamped out by police and they are ;living in the road at the moment (Source: Bangladesh Minority Watch)
§  On January 13, 2012, in the evening, Mr. Jagannath Das (age 35), elected Hindu UP member and also resident of village: Harishyama, Sub-district: Madhabpur, district: Habigunj, was brutally murdered by a few local Islamists. Police, in this regard,, has arrested Mohammed Sattar Mian, Dhanu Mian, Abdul Aowal Mian, Shahin Mian and Samchu Mian.
§  On January 24, 2012, in the dead night, a few armed Islamic malefactors assailed residence of Sri Ajit Kumar Ghosh, Hindu individual residing at village: Dakshminpada, Sub-district: Rupgunj, District: Narayangunj. Attackers plundered the entire residence and went away with 30 Bhari (a unit of weight equal to 180 grains) gold jewelries, 30, 000 taka (basic unit of money in Bangladesh) and 3 cell phones. Sri Ajit Kumar Ghosh, his wife Laxmi Rani Ghosh and his aged mother Rekha Rani Ghosh are in critical conditions at the moment.
§  On January 12, 2012, in the morning, Sri Anil Chandra Mandal, Buddhist and also Adivasi leader, was abducted by Islamists from Bagchara area, District: Rangamati. Adivasi people (aborigines) did put on strong protests against this throughout the district.   
§  On March 01, 2012, at 11 am, teachers and students of a Madrasa attacked the vehicle of a Christian Missionary at Teghuria Kamarpara area, Sub-district: Madargunj, District: Jamalpur. The attack led to serious injuries of three citizens of the United States of America. They are Mr. Rit Thrichjon, Benjamin Franks and Mrs. Enran Thrichjon. Police, with regard to this incident, has arrested Islamic hardliners like Abdul Bari (Principal, Madrasa), Mohammed Zakaria (teacher) and Antar Mian (student).
§  Highly revered Kali Temple of Hindus, established 125 years ago in 14 shatak land of SA 636, 637, 638 Dag (of JL 99 Bagdha Mouza), situated at Sub-district: Agailjhora, District: Barisal, has been forcibly occupied of late by Khaleq Khan, notorious Muslim criminal. As a result no Hindu ritual is being performed in the Temple. Moreover, no cremation of Hindus is taking place in the crematorium adjoining the Temple. Sri Rabindranath Majumdar, present of Temple committee, has made several complaints to the local administration in this regard but there has not been any redress yet.       
§  On February 02, 2012, 13% land (attained by inheritance) of Sunila Bala Saha, Swarup Kumar Saha and Subhash Kumar Saha at Golaramdia Mouza, Sub-district: Bailakandi, District: Rajbari, was forcibly occupied by a few local Islamists. They are Mohammed Faruk Mian, Zarina Bibi, Najmul Hasan and Rafiqul Alam.
§  On February 20, 2012, at 9 am, 60/70 Islamists led by Sohail Khan made a deadly attack on the residence of Sri Gautam Mridha, Hindu resident of village: Hoglapala, Sub-district: Morelgunj, District: Bagerhat. Wife of Gautam suffered terrible injuries as a result and even his son (age 3 years) was also badly beaten. The entire residence was plundered and burnt down. Two plans of betel-leaves were also pillaged and betel worth 3 lakh taka was seized. It has been learnt that Sohail Khan enjoys tutelage of a MP of Awami League (for years) and carries on Hindu persecution in the area. On February 28, 3, 000 Hindus staged demonstrations against this nefarious activity.
§  Sri Gautam Das, Hindu journalist, was murdered a month ago cold-bloodedly (he was thrown beneath a bus that killed him eventually). On February 23, 2012, 4% land of his ancestral residence, located at No. 4 Ward of Bhanga Corporation, District: Faridpur, was occupied at dead night leading to the construction of Awami League’s office and Bangabandhu Club.   
§  On February 13, 2012, at 8 pm, armed Islamic goons attacked home of Sri Gobinda Chandra Adhikary, Hindu teacher, located at Sakipur Bazar, Sub-district: Kaliakair, District: Gazipur (Joydevpur). Attackers looted 50, 000 taka, belongings worth 5 lakh taka (including gold jewelries of 5 Bhari - Bhari (a unit of weight equal to 180 grains). 
§  On February 20, 2012, at night, Sanjoli Soren (age 50), Christian by religion, inhabiting Adivasi area of village: Kamarpada, Sub-district: Badargunj, District: Rangpur, was killed. Her throat was slit, in particular and this was done by local Islamists taking advantage of absence of her husband and son. This has given rise to terror among the aborigines in the same area. Touhidul Islam, SI of local police station, while speaking to media, said sharp weapons were used in the murder.
§  On February 20, 2012, at dead night, some unidentified Islamic criminals attacked residence of Sri Chittaranjan Karmakar, Hindu businessman, living in Karmakar pada (close to local police station), Sub-district: Daulatpur, District: Manikgunj. Apart from thrashing members of Karmakar family inhumanly, culprits looted 10, 000 taka along with 71 Bhari gold jewelries and 100 Bhari silver jewelries (Bhari – a unit of weight equal to 180 grains).
§  On January 18, 2012, a Christian Adivasi girl was raped by an Islamic youth that led to severe protests from a number of organizations. These included Adivasi Council, National Adivasi Council, Adivasi Youth Council, Adivasi Students Council and 3 others.  
§  On January 12, 2012, Muslim felons (with lethal firearms) attacked “Rita Jewelers” of Sri Tapan Dhar, Hindu businessman. The shop is positioned at Nayapur market, Sub-district: Sonargaon, District: Narayangunj. Attackers killed Mohammed Chan Mian (age 65), night guard of the shop, brutally and looted 80, 000 taka along with 60 Bhari gold jewelries.
§  On January 21, 2012, at 6 am, Islamists foiled religious program (Harinam Sankirtan) of Hindu cobblers at village: Paril, Sub-district: Singair, District: Manikgunj. The attackers, under leadership of Abdul Kader and Ali Hussain, along with lethal weapons slashed Hindus and desecrated deities of Kunja and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 9 people were hurt and some of them were Bhakta Kamal Rajbanshi, Dilip Rajbanshi, Taraman Das.
§  January 20, 2012 happens to be the day when Sri Joydev Pal, Hindu resident of village: Kachipara, Sub-district: Baufal, District: Patuakhali, fled for life leaving behind his own property and his fate remains unchanged yet. Notably, Sri Kamal Pal (brother-in-law of Joydev Pal) owns 1 acre land in Dopasha Mouja and the same land is supervised by  Joydev.  Mohammed Nasim, local Muslim criminal, has been exerting strong pressures on both of them to handover the land to him (for free) or else they would be murdered – this happens to be the latest threat.
§  On February 07, 2012, Sri Malay Basu (age 45), Hindu individual and also elected chairman of Atghar Union Council, Sub-district: Saltha, District: Faridpur, was killed at bright daylight (12 pm) by Islamic criminals. While Malay Babu was going to his office, he was stopped by armed felons at a place called Rankail and after that, he was brutally murdered.   

§  On February 09, 2012, people advocating the Two-Nation theory did contrive and attack 10 temples, 15 shops, 5 houses at Hathajari and Nandirhat regions of Chittagong district. Apart from this, they looted and physically tortured women and children. On March 29, 2012, religious minorities of Fatehpur village of Kaligunj sub-district of Satkhira district were brutally attacked. The attack on 500 religious minorities was led by Zulfiqar Sapui. With the help of police, they looted, tortured children, molested Hindu women and burnt down 24 Hindu houses in the end. On March 28, 2012, local Islamist ruffian Mohammed Karim Rauful, along with 50-60 people, attacked the residence of Naresh Chandra and Ganesh Chandra (both Hindus) at Dakshin Mistri area of Jaldhaka sub-district, Nilfamari district. On March 06, 2012, local leader Mohammed Maidul Islam attacked and destroyed Kali temple at Ranibirbala village of Sherpur sub-district, Bagura district. Maidul has been arrested. 

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