Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Changing Bangladesh – deep concern for India

Hindus must come forward to save Matribhumi

How will India’s relation with Bangladesh fare in the coming days? The issue is of exceeding great importance since the possible change of guard in that country will (definitely) affect Indian political scenario majorly. As reports are coming in, support for the reigning government under Sheikh Hasina is dwindling fast there and if it remains unhindered, Begum Khaleda Zia, known highly for her (also of her supporting parties) anti-India diatribes fro decades, will replace the existing Prime Minister, adding salt to the gaping wound of India.

Conscientious studies do reveal that a substantial populace in Bangladesh over the years, citing India’s alleged indifference and exploitation to the country, has become more Pakistan-friendly and anti-India in clear terms. The immense contribution and sacrifices made by India in 1971 to liberate the same mass of people from the clutches of barbarian Pakistan has already been forgotten; main cause of animosity against India being – a Hindu-dominated region. Even if Bangladesh had been showing acrimony while dealing with India (from initial years), it reached a new height with the exposure of anti-India terrorists using Bangladeshi soil and enjoying nefarious support of indigenous administration.

Begum Khaleda Zia, it’s too known fact, heads a political alliance comprising large numbers of Islamic fundamentalists, having strong links with Pakistan. And once it acquires the government a clear Islamic Jihad, though covertly still, will be waged against India from her eastern part. What will be India’s policy to inhibit such approaches and rate of success in it remains great questions. Without doubt, regardless of several disputes, relation between Sheikh Hasina and Indian governments has been friendly and hence, India got an unmatched help from Bangladesh through restraining anti-India terrorist movements from its soil and carrying out investigations of terrorism in India with Bangladeshi connections.        

Have Hindus there enjoyed similar kind of warmth? Well, as regards Hindu persecution, no Islamist draws back ever. Nonetheless, due to compulsions Awami League has been maintaining warmth with India.  

ISI of Pakistan has been using Bangladeshi soil for years to carry out and also prolong its anti-India scheme. While on one hand HUJI of Bangladesh enjoys unprecedented Pakistani support, ISI also maintains a close relation with an assortment of terrorist outfits in India viz. NSCN, ULFA, ATTF (All Tripura Tiger Force). Several Islamist terrorist groups like MULTA, MULFA along with Mujahideen are funded by Islamist masterminds both in Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is being discerned, change of guard in Bangladesh may stir up Assam issue once more. And if views of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in Assam are concerned, any support from home will stimulate them to issue a fresh series of attacks on Hindus to wrest the entire state from them (once and for all).

If India is to be saved, Hindus have to come forward in strength. India belongs to Hindus, their Sanatana Dharma from time immemorial. That’s why, Hindus must be inculcated the true Kshatriya spirit to save the motherland.  Gone are the days when Hindus in India used to enjoy complete security under a civil administration – they have got to fight now to retain the same.

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