Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nazarul Islam’s book lashes out at Hindus

Hindu defamation intolerable; Bengal government must adopt stringent measures

What we are witnessing now regarding the latest book of Dr. Nazrul Islam, IPS and Additional Director General of Police of Bengal, Musalmander Karoniyo (What the Muslims Should Do), is nothing but a clamor resulting from the sudden conflict between views of the author and the reigning Trinamool-led Bengal government. Well, we have nothing to do with it – whether it’s the government’s approach to seize the book with thousands of its copies and a subsequent failure (all in all), harassment of the publishing concern – Mitra & Ghosh Publishers – these happen to be matters that can be sorted out in the legal arena best.

Similarly whether Nazrul Islam has earned the wrath of the government for writing to the Home Secretary (on July 13) on how chit funds, earning confidence of Trinamool Congress, were deceiving a great number of people in Bengal doesn’t attract us also.

To be precise, content of the book demands out attention most. Without doubt, thanks to the governmental intervention, the book perceives a surge in its sales and we need delve into this as well.

What’s the content then?

It has come to the knowledge that in Musalmander Karoniyo (What the Muslims Should Do) the veteran IPS has put forward a few pertinent issues regarding the need of secular education for Muslims in Bengal, Trinamool’s hoax to them by proffering financial benefits to both Imams and Muazzins. It has also been learnt that in the book he has also knocked TMC leaders for attending Iftaar parties without keeping the binding daytime fast. The book states, "The words inshallah and khuda hafiz cannot be said in the same sentence, but our leaders are doing so, without knowing that they are actually hurting Islam."  “What we needed was a secular university in Murshidabad. Similarly, why should money be spent for creating new madrasas instead of modern day schools?" the book says.

It’s his personal opinion and is lacking any connection to Hindus.

But………………… Musalmander Karoniyo doesn’t end here; it does also include myriad vituperative remarks against Hindus too – ignored both by secular media and intellectuals as usual. And Tridib Chatterjee, General Secretary of Publishers and Booksellers Guild highlighted it while speaking in a related debate on 24 Ghanta (Bengali News Channel) yesterday.

What we have heard from him is that the book speaks of the continual victimization of Muslims by Hindus in Bengal (?). No Hindu stalwart of Bengal Renaissance including Rammohan Roy, Vidayasagar to Mahatma Gandhi has been able to escape his criticism and as per his view, all were engaged to champion Hindu interests and harm Muslims only (?).

A mere glance also proves that the book is also skeptical of the sanctity of “Vande Mataram”, has termed Anandmath of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee as fervent anti-Muslim and asked why Muslims should sing it as the song’s each word defiles Islamic faith only.

The book states, furthermore, West Bengal from 1947 till date has been under the control of caste Hindus whose one-and-only-agenda has been to victimize Muslims. He has urged the need to form a Scheduled Caste Hindu-Muslim alliance in Bengal to wrest all power and end Hindu politics in the state. As per him, all politicians including Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Mamata Banerjee (known for their anti-Hindu tirades well) are nothing but communal, working against Muslims all in all.

There are several other advocacies to form anti-Hindu fronts.

And all these anti-Hindu perspectives are neither abrupt nor simple fallout of any underlying resentment to Hindu supremacy in all fields. This happens to be an intellectual face of anti-Hindu Jihad that was (also) witnessed at a seminar organized by West Bengal Muslim Association (WBMA) recently at Muslim Institute Hall in Kolkata, spearheaded by Nazrul Islam and attended by 150 Muslims in general.

The veteran police officer spitted venom against Hindus there, found expression in Musalmander Karoniyo (What the Muslims Should Do). He stated, “Muslims should get maximum opportunities to hold high posts and in Police Force; but the government is not doing anything.”

An assortment of other statements of this self-claimed neo-representative of Muslims in Bengal includes – “Among the representatives elected to the Rajya-Sabha (Upper House)’, there are persons speaking Urdu language; but there is not a single Bengali Muslim. Time has come to give a reply to all of them”, “If the Government dismisses me for saying such things in front of everyone, I will start agitation for Muslims.” 

He made it clear then, Bengal in the decades following independence has miserably failed to restore Muslims in the state – there has been no Muslim Home Secretary or Police Commissioner, let alone any Chief Minister.  In this regard, Bengal as per him, is markedly different to other states of the Union of India namely Maharashtra, Bihar or Rajasthan. The state is led by Brahmins (amounting to merely 2% in Bengal) ever since 1947 and that's why, he sheds tears for Hindu SC and Hindu ST people as well.  

What the venomous Islamist IPS has failed to decipher is that his every view opposing Hindus can be refuted with no trouble. With the scathing attack on Vande Mataram, Nazrul Islam steps into shoes of Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan and other leaders of Muslim League, responsible for partitioning India, who, alleging revilement of Islam, made then ruling clique curtail verses of original song of Vande Mataram.

Again, Muslims during partition in 1947 were given options either to join Islamic Pakistan or Hindu-dominated India. Hence, these questions, now, only portray Nazrul Islam’s fierce views and the danger we the Hindus are heading fast towards.  

Bengal government should not forget that Hindus have the potency to change history still; any compromise in nabbing the dreaded IPS shall incite Hindus only. They have suffered much but NO More.

And if “a third wave of radicalization among Muslim youth” takes place by reading Musalmander Karoniyo, the first wave of radicalization among Hindu youth will be there to take it on and defeat it with a bloody struggle.

So………..Sadhu Sabdhan! If the Bengal government fails to act now, Mamata will soon find herself as the next edition of Nero – the only difference will be she will watch helplessly how the entire state engulfs itself to a religious strife – where Hindu masculinity will create new pages in history.

Stringent actions have to be adopted against Musalmander Karoniyo (What the Muslims Should Do) and its writer Nazrul Islam. Delay can become dangerous. 

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