Friday, September 20, 2013

Hindu aggression only hope to stop Slaughtering and Smuggling of Cows

Cow in Hindu Dharma earns a special status and is synonymous to divinity. It is not looked down on as an animal but as the truest incarnation of mother – a mother who is venerated for her infinite love and protective nature to her own offspring. According to Hindu mythology, Gavu means cow while shala denotes shed or home and all gods (Devata Devi) dwell in a cow.  Even the holy cow Kaamdhenu turned up following churning of cosmic ocean. If one has to realize the basis of this divinity, he must go through profundity of Vedas. In Book VI of Rig Veda, Hymn XXVIII attributed to  Rishi Bhardwaja, glorifies the virtue of the cow whereas in Atharva Veda (Book X, Hymn 10), cow is designated as Vishnu; she is also mentioned here as “all that the Sun surveys.” Kautilya in Arthshastra (Chapter XXIX) is also found to laud the divine character of cow.

But all these noble nature come to a halt in contemporary India where cow has become the greatest casualty.  Islamists do not miss a single opportunity to insult Hindus and in this context, slaughtering of cows is the first and best option to them. Gone are the days when Hindu perspective used to dominate the Indian political scene. Cashing in on pathetic nonchalance of Hindus, importance of minority votes, to be precise Muslim votes, has gained unimaginable significance. As a result, both slaughter and smuggling of cows have surged but the administration, under the aegis of “secular” political parties, remains silent altogether. And this surreptitious maneuver incites Islamists to open slaughter houses of cows far and wide vitiating the environment.       

Can this be stopped? This single question haunts a sane Hindu mind repeatedly when myriad instances of flouting court orders to prohibit open slaughtering of cows especially on the day of Bakri Id are readily available.   On November 2, 2011, by the decision bench headed by Chief Justice of Kolkata, Mr J. N. Patel and Mr. Ashim Kumar Roy (J), the Cow Slaughter on Bakri Id and trading of Cattle for sacrifice at Cattle markets was banned by the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court. The historic judgment stated in clear terms “the all Officials of the State and local bodies have no power to facilitate holding of markets for trading of cattle for sacrifice and also the movement of cattle for the said purpose on the occasion of Id-uz-Zoha festival to be celebrated on 7th, November, 2011.” But by now the order has fallen through. Slaughtering and smuggling of cows is no more a covert but an overt affair and almost on a daily basis, such reports are found from different parts of Bengal. It is a steady affair leading to communal disturbances at different areas.

Violation of court judgments does not urge administration to take up apposite measures and venerate the Role of Judiciary in an independent country like India (ever ready to laud itself as the largest democracy in the globe). In this situation, are incidents like riots in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh too unexpected? It resulted from the harassment of a Hindu girl and murders of Hindu boys for protesting.

Perhaps, Hindus have learnt at last that trust on Role of Democracy and Judiciary in India is nothing save for stupidity. As democracy defines the canon that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group, Hindus are also realizing the need of exerting force. If Hindus become both militant and dominant, it’s the failure of Indian democracy only.

Surely, there is the need of more combativeness to stop slaughtering and smuggling of cows. Indian legal system has failed miserably by now to check this escalating menace. 

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