Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beef smugglers enjoying advocacy of governance

A simple yet crude truth must be accepted at the outset. Slaughtering of cows is a taboo in Hinduism and hence, presence of laws to prohibit the same in Hindu-dominated India is not aberrant. But it’s also true that same despised activity is in full swing across India – especially in the states of West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Ironically, both these states have indigenous laws to call cow-slaughter a halt. If the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is taken into consideration only, despite presence of UP Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act 1955 (revised in 2001), the abhorrent practice is on the rise owing to governmental indifference and overt or covert advocacy of government officials. West Bengal is also seeing an exponential rise in this context.

In accordance with commoners, police and administration is responsible to protect the related business persons and the role of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) can’t be ruled out at the same instant. People allege that BSP is actually sheltering these shady business persons. To know more one must look into the report of Dainik Janabani, published from Meerut, on April 27. As per the newspaper, beef smugglers have secret accords with veterinarians and the latter ones help them (through providing certificates) by terming beef as meat of buffalo. It is to be noted that credentials are required in Uttar Pradesh to move (any form of) meat from one place to another.

It remains clearly written in these certificates – this meat belongs to another animal (except cow) and everything has been done conforming to legal directions. On the word of Dainik Janabani, meat of buffalo was written in a packet containing signature and seal of Dr. Vikram Singha, chief veterinarian of district MuzaffarNagar. The daily, however, states with conviction that the packet was containing beef. It is reported, Dr. Vikram Singha does the same (time and again) to maintain self-interest.

Strong protests and pledge to fast unto death of BJP against these made the administration gauge the reality. The fast was withdrawn only when the local administration assured that stern measures would be adopted to stop these nasty activities.

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