Monday, June 20, 2011

Think twice before courting a Muslim – it destroys a Hindu life only

Love is eternal, sanctified and regarded as one of the most noble attributes of humans from time immemorial. If the Hindu society is delved into, love is regarded here as one of the most essential aspects among an individual. Dharma also states categorically dearth of the same in any person would compel the society to ostracize him/her. Without a shred of doubt, all these are noble thoughts and hence, through centuries, there has never been any deficiency of love in Hindus, be it with the dearest ones or even with the dreadful enemies.

The question remains at the end of all these. What has been the benefit of Hindus after such benevolence through ages? They have been the worst sufferers of Islamic persecutions, if not more and are also looked upon as a conglomeration of insects that can be marauded, plundered and stamped out at anytime. Love Jihad, in full swing these days, enough to bewilder any Hindu youth, drag and finally convert him/her to Islam, is the latest manifestation of (ever) Aggressive Islam in India.

The saga of Love Jihad that started from Kerala, God’s own land, a few years back, is spreading like a wild fire across India. An assortment of such instances has been viewed, substantial number of these has been analyzed and just a few steps have been adopted to counter these, even if there has been a need of much more. Exposure of two following gruesome incidents would make reality easier. Islamic society and its views can be discerned easily from these.

Recently, fast track Court at Uluberia in Howrah District of Indian state of Bengal promulgated 12 years’ incarceration along with a fine of another three thousand rupees each for a ghastly murder of a House wife named Maududa Begum (25 years) by her husband Mustakin, mother-in-law Zubeda Begum, sister-in-law Pakeeza Begum and brother-in-law Sheikh Azizul, so far attempted on 29th February, 2008.

It has been learnt that Mustakin Sheikh got hitched with Maududa as his third wife on 26th August 2007 at Tehatt-Basudevpur in Howrah. Neighbors confirm that severe tortures of Mustakin made his past two wives escape and this was completely unknown to family of Maududa, a resident of Chengail near Uluberia. Notably, marriage of Mustakin and Maududa took place with a dowry of Rupees 50000 in cash and gold of 55 gms.

Mustakin’s rising demands and last of all, demand of 1 lakh rupees (as dowry) was becoming unbearable for Maududa's family. And its failure to gratify the demand made Maududa the worst victim. Finally, on 29th February, 2008 she was almost burnt alive by Mustakin, aided by his family members. Even if she was taken to SSKM Hospital, SSKM, Maududa died on March 4, 2008.

This is another incident that happened in Bangalore, IT capital of India at the moment. Poonam Rajput, 22-year-old lady from Delhi, was a passenger in an auto rickshaw along with her fiancé Rasheed on June 12, 2011. The vehicle collided with speeding BMTC bus in Yeshwantpur and as a result, Poonam gave in to her injuries.

As per police reports, they had ran off from Dehli and were staying in Yeshwantpur for four months. There is another twist to this. Rasheed, subsequent investigations proved, fled the scene with Poonam’s jewels following her admission to a hospital.

The above-mentioned incidents are not exceptions at all but are getting common almost in every nook of India. More and more such reports are coming to the fore and it can be you or your cousin or your friend – latest victim. Beware of all these and steer clear of idea of courting a Muslim individual ever – it will lead to the end of a Hindu life only. Don’t forget that “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

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