Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Will Muslim terrorists liable for Mumbai attacks 2008 be penalized ever?

The name of Kasab (Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab), Muslim terrorist hailing from Pakistan and prime accused in Mumbai attacks 2008, doesn’t evoke any more emotion across India. And the reasons are not far to see. Indians are unanimous that Kasab should have been hanged to death (or killed in the firing squad) by now for harming sovereignty and national integrity of India through the said terrorist onslaught. But the government has failed them; the majority of Indians opines.

On the contrary, Indian government, always busy to project itself as the foremost adherent of legal philosophy, is making wholehearted efforts to render the culprit a lawful ambiance. Still Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, India’s prime target in the case, is beyond its reach and apparently Pakistan will go on juggling the lawsuit, without any end. India, it’s known to all, has sent uncounted dossiers on Mumbai attacks 2008 to Pakistan – there hasn’t been any substantial effect.

And while the India-Pakistan tete a tete on this continues, general Indians are getting despondent. Some are even found to castigate themselves for being citizens of such a soft state.

Now the question remains – when will terrorists linked to Mumbai attacks be finally penalized? Will it be ever? This is a grave question and nothing can be said at this juncture, if the India-Pakistan charade of Mumbai attacks is heeded.

According to the latest statement of Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan, if India renders “substantive” and “actionable evidence” against so-called mastermind of 2008 Mumbai attacks Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Pakistan will definitely act against him. "We had detained him (Saeed). The law does not go by statements but evidence. If we are provided actionable evidence, we will act against him," Malik said. What would Pakistan do if substantive and actionable evidences are sent to them by India remains to be seen.

No less than 166 people were killed and 300 left wounded in the 72-hour long Mumbai attacks in 2008. But people are apprehending something different now. Is the Indian governance trying to shed this horrific past? Government’s sluggish approaches make people think such.

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