Monday, July 4, 2011

Recognition of 10,000 madrasas in Bengal – menace for Hindus

Changes are natural in any parliamentary democratic scenario and in India, as perceived from experiences, there has never been any dearth of it. However, the case of West Bengal, prior to the last general assembly election, was different where owing to 34-years long Left rule changes had ceased to take place. The incumbent Trinamool Congress-led government usurping Left has come to gratify the discontented souls of Bengal and how it would be successful is a debatable issue. But if one is asked to apprehend counting on early indications, he/she has got to infer existing regime like the preceding one would remain apathetic to Hindus. And the reasons are not far to see.

Even if we let alone the issue of Deganga, notorious anti-Hindu carnage taking place in September, 2010 under aegis of a TMC (Trinamool Congress) MP, other fresh developments can’t be ignored. Recent annunciation of recognition of 10,000 madrasas (unrecognized hitherto) has created both dismay and fright among Hindus. Albeit political parties remain naïve, Hindus know well outcome of any such approach.

Literally the word madrasa refers to any Islamic institution generating two courses of study like hifz and alim. While hifz concentrates on teaching memorization of Qur’an, alim, in essence, deals with making an individual a scholar in the community. To cope with the changing reality and to make students professionally capable, technical subjects are also being introduced these days.

Whatever it is, it is alleged across the globe, madrasas are breeding ground of worldwide Islamic terrorism. There have been herculean efforts by Islamic scholars to negate this stigma but each nefarious act of Islamic terrorism stabilizes this castigation. How far impending 10,000 government-recognized madrasas would cast its shadow in the Bengal politics then?

Hindus have to ponder this since, if the reigning Chief Minister’s statement is conformed to, new recognized madrasas, under State Madrasa Education Board, can seek out central funds for upgradation. When the existing Congress-led UPA government is so generous to minorities, especially Muslims, any thought that it would dither to contribute funds is preposterous. More funds would make 10,000 government-recognized madrasas roar like 1 hundred thousand tigers.

As per studies, belief, following teachings in Qur’an and Hadis, imparted through madrasas to students can appall any sane human. Anyone can go through those and he/she is invited cordially (with assurance of having magnificent gifts) for a sumptuous dinner by me, who doesn’t undergo radical thoughts in these sacred books to exterminate non-believers to make Islam greatest of all faiths.

What’s the best possible way for Hindus in Bengal to avert this impending crisis? Hindus in Bengal have to realize that Islam is basically a military philosophy devoid of religious tolerance and democratic thoughts. They must bear in mind that such dictum led to partition of India in 1947 and their sealing of fate once and for all. Dr. Ambedkar once stated that “Appeasement has no limits……….” [His Writings & Speeches, Vol. 8, page-270]. Many Hindus are also known to be best followers of such appeasement and strikingly, these persons are found to clamor for minorities, in particular Muslims, in political parties.

It is not known whether the government would be kind enough to go through said books and set up a commission to rectify its earlier decision to recognize 10,000 madrasas (unrecognized thus far). But Hindus can’t wait; they have to set up a barricade before any governmental approach.

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