Monday, August 29, 2011

Anna Hazare’s historic success inspires all but Muslims

The long and valiant crusade of Anna Hazare on the issue of corruption (escalating exponentially), with obtaining positive disposition of Parliament of India on most crucial facets of much talked Jan Lokpal Bill, has finally come to an end. Venerable Anna broke his fast on August 28, 2011 around 10.20 am by having a glass of coconut milk mixed with honey from a Dalit and Muslim girl, Simran and Ikrah respectively. Without doubt, entire nation had a sigh of relief while perceiving Anna breaking his 12-day-old fast.

All these have brought to the fore a new issue as well and it’s the inclusion of the Muslim girl in breaking Anna’s fast. Was it too essential, especially when the Muslims were advised not to partake in the same battle? Perhaps there was a need to make the struggle as entirely secular and in India secularism stands for hugging Muslims and nothing else. By now if any reader has started to get skeptical of this scribe’s moral fiber, I am helpless. Personally, I have no problem with the Muslim girl, another manifestation of Mata (mother) to me. The problem remains with the derisory attitude, reflected time and again (through wooing Muslims) to testify secular credentials of India. Alas, Team Anna has failed to be any different.

You have every right to question what the problem with Islamic mindset is. It must be kept in mind while a section of national media has termed the anti-corruption struggle (getting a national spectrum amazingly fast much to the dismay of others) as a Hindutva sponsored movement, majority of Muslim controlled media, if not more, has termed Anna as Gandhi of media and Hindutva forces. What impedes Muslims from shouldering the burden of mounting corruption along with others? A good answer to this from the questioner ever ready to nail me of abovementioned issues is appreciated. Why do they get busy to find out benefits of Muslims only because of participation in any general movement? If anyone tries to play this divisive tendency down, he/she must be prevented.

In the last few days, lots of similar concepts, regarding Anna Hazare struggle, have come to the fore thanks to Muslim thinkers, journalists and even bloggers. And the name that comes to us before all is of Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi. He advised Muslims to steer clear of Anna’s campaign since it was under leadership of Hindutva forces and was against the Muslim ethos too. Slogans, Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai, chanted myriad times caused his ire.

He also stated in public Anna did not want to engage Muslims in the anti-corruption protests. "He could at least have met some leaders of the minority community and made references against communalism to make his campaign look more inclusive," he said.

Here is the definition of partisanship. It denotes an inclination to favor one group, view or opinion over alternatives. What are the views of Mr. Bukhari then? It is a blatant and partisan view. But he is not alone. Masoom Muradabadi, senior journalist has also stated alike views. As per him, Anna is dancing to the tune of RSS. He has also stated that leadership of Anna in line one, two or three are in hand of Hindutva minded people and no representation of OBC, Dalit and minorities in the leadership. Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam, chief of All India Milli Council, considers Anna has been encircled by all kinds of fascists and devious characters.

Hamid Noomani, Secretary of Jamiat Ulema Hind, feels that the cause is genuine but the path Anna has chosen is not correct.

Maybe a few Muslims have contradictory views but they are minority and their thoughts are considered as blasphemous also. Hence, those are unworthy.

Leaders and newspapers do represent people and a society; aforesaid statements prove Anna Hazare, for not speaking of Muslim issues too, have antagonized Muslims in India.

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