Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Noakhali genocide remains a forgotten event thanks to poor-spirited Bengali Hindus

It was Circa 70 when Jews became subject to religious persecution for the first time. Then ancient Roman Army destroyed Jerusalem, killed more than 1 million Jews, forced almost 100,000 Jews to become slaves and captives. Tens of thousands of Jews from Palestine were also dispersed to other sites in the Roman Empire. This saga of persecution ended with holocaust or mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime from 1941 until 1945.

Jews roamed across the globe for 2,000 years but none of such atrocities was disregarded ever. Each and every Jewish book expresses these as blackest days in their own history and the same concepts are transferred from one to the next generation.

How can Bengali Hindus fail to remember Noakhali episode then? Noakhali genocide or carnage, a series of Hindu massacres, abductions and forced conversions under the aegis of dominating Muslim community in districts of Noakhali and Tipperah of Chittagong Division of then undivided Bengal, continuing from October 10, 1946 to late November, shocked moral sense across the globe. The event not only sealed the fate of dreams of a free, undivided India but also of Bengali Hindus once and for all.

Without a shred of doubt, Bengali Hindu community, unlike Sikhs, has failed to recover from shocks of partition on the whole. It is deprived of power, be it political, social or philosophical, and is reeling under the threat of negationism at the moment.

Shall the said question be repeated yet again? Perhaps there is no such need; Bengali Hindus, through their incapacity to save, develop themselves gradually and exaggeration of knowledge dispiritedly for decades, have converted them into a laughing stock only.

Now the subject remains of the extent of tortures on Hindus in Noakhali.

Here are some excerpts.

“Worst of all was the plight of women. Several of them had to watch their husbands being murdered and then be forcibly converted and married to some of those responsible for their death. Those women had a dead look. It was not despair, nothing so active as that. It was blackness…….the eating of beef and declaration of allegiance to Islam has been forced upon many thousands of as the price of their lives” – written by Miss Muriel Leister, member of a relief committee sent to Noakhali, on 6th November, 1946,(V.V. Nagarkar – Genesis – p 446).

October 23, 1946 edition of Amrita Bazar Patrika stated clearly:

“For the 13th day today, about 120 villages in Ramganj, Lakshmipur, Raipur, Begumganj and Senbag thanas (police stations) in Noakhali district with a Hindu population of 90,000 and nearby 70,000 villagers in Chandpur and Faridganj thanas in Tippera (Comilla) district remained besieged by hooligans. Death stares the people of these areas in their face and immediate rushing of supply to these areas with the help of military, who alone could do it, would save the lives of these people, most of whom have been without food for the last few days.”

On 16/10/1946, The Statesman reported:

“In an area of about 200 sq miles the inhabitants surrounded by riotous mobs, are being massacred, their houses being burnt, their womenfolk being forcibly carried away and thousands being subjected to forcible conversion. Thousands of hooligans attacked the villages, compelled them (Hindus) to slaughter their cattle and eat. All places of worship in affected villages have been desecrated. The District Magistrate and the Police Superintendent of Noakhali took no step to prevent it.”

Noakhali carnage took place due to several factors, one of them was the need of Muslim vengeance to defeat in Great Calcutta Killing by Hindus. On October 10, 1946 the pogrom started with the rabble-rousing speech of Gulam Sarowar, an ex-M.L.A of Muslim League at Begumganj Bazar. A dreadful anti-Hindu speech by quoting verses of Quran exhorting Muslims to kill the Kafirs and idolators and perform religious duty was given. This was followed by violent assaults of Muslim mobs on Hindu properties, killings of hundreds of Hindus, rapes of Hindu women – a complete savagery.

When the correspondent of 'Amrit Bazaar Patrika' S.L.Ghosh reached noakhali, he reported:

"The horror of the Noakhali outrage is unique in modern history in that it was not a simple case of turbulent members of the majority community (Muslims) killing off helpless members of the minority Hindu community, but was one whose chief aim was mass conversion, accompanied by loot, arson and wholesale devastation... No section of the Hindu community has been spared, the wealthier classes being dealt with more drastically. Abduction and outrage of Hindu women and forcible marriages were also resorted. The slogans used and the methods employed indicate that it was all part of a plan for the simultaneous establishment of Pakistan."

But even after all these Noakhali carnage has become a forgotten event in history thanks to lily-livered Bengali Hindus. What can be said to them? Nonsense or inept to live in the world!

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  1. I am offspring of one of those effected by noakhali -genocide,my mother side were at sandwip and they migrated to puri and stayed in ashram. My grand mother sobbed when she remembered the incident,I was small and did not understand its seriousness,now I strongly feel about it after reading article of the carnage in the net.